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Book a combination of 2 or more treatments in one session and a discount will be arranged for you. Regular clients receive special discounts, which can be discussed on your first visit. 50% off any treatment if you recommend a friend.

Massage for Men
Massage 60 min 90 min
Sports Massage £40.00 £55.00 Enquire
Swedish / Body £40.00 £55.00 Enquire
Deep Tissue £40.00 £55.00 Enquire
Aromatherapy £40.00 £55.00 Enquire
Hot Stone Massage £60.00 Enquire
Facial Treatments for Men
Massage 30 min 60 min
Custom Prescription I hr  £35.00 Enquire
Essential Facial     £20.00 Enquire
Waxing For Men
Full back and shoulders £20.00 to £30.00 Enquire
Chest £10.00 to £20.00 Enquire
Abs £10.00 to £15.00 Enquire
Chest & Abs £20.00 to £30.00 Enquire
Chest & Shoulders £15.00 to £25.00 Enquire
Full Legs & Feet (Inc. Speedo Line) £30.00 to £35.00 Enquire
Body Clippering For Men
Back and shoulders £10.00 Enquire
Chest & abs £10.00 Enquire
Arms £8.00 Enquire
Underarms £10.00 Enquire
Legs & speedoline £15.00 Enquire
Groin £12.00 –  £25 Enquire
Buttocks £10.00 Enquire
Manzilian (Groin & buttocks) £25.00 – £30 Enquire
Full body £55.00 Enquire
Other Relaxing Treatments
Massage 30 min 45 min
Targeted Massage £25.00 Enquire
Indian Head Massage £30.00 Enquire
Reflexology/Foot Spa £30.00 Enquire
Reiki Treatment 60 Mins £35.00 Enquire
Hopi Ear Candling £25.00 Enquire
Body Treatments For Men
Neck back shoulder massage & mineral salt scrub. Customised full body treatments including massage tailored for your skin health £35.00 Enquire
*Full body massage and exfoliation. Allow 75 minutes. £50.00 Enquire
*Full body massage mineral salt scrub plus a firming and detoxifying algae treatment or an intensive hydrating full body wrap. Facial massage and foot massage included. Allow 2 hours £80.00 Enquire
Intimate Male Waxing
M1 Speedo Line (Top Crease Of Thighs) £10.00 to £20.00 Enquire
M2 Buttock Cheeks £10.00 to £20.00 Enquire
M3 Buttock Crack £10.00 to £15.00 Enquire
M4 Groin (Scrotum) Penis & Part/All of Pubic Hair) £30.00 to £40.00 Enquire
M5 Manzilian – (Male Brazilian) As Above (Inc. Buttocks Back Sak & Crack) £40.00 to £55.00 Enquire
M6 Hollywood (The Full Monty – All Off/Front & Back £50.00 to £60.00 Enquire

NB: A complimentary aftercare product is included with a full intimate waxing.

20 % student discount with ID (under 25),
Mobile treatments to your home/ hotel or workplace can be arranged for a reasonable additional fee.
*Includes optional men’s disposable G-string and shower.
*Intimate Waxing. If phoning in the presence of others, you may feel more comfortable using the codes at the left hand side.